Motivational Monday!

Today’s motivation is about just getting out there and trying. I know that somedays you do not feel like working out, or at least that is the case for me. The important thing to remember is that you will feel better after your run or other type of workout. It honestly does not matter if you are the slowest or the fastest. What matters the most is the fact that you motivated yourself to get off the couch and go for a run!



Happy Monday! 🙂


Afternoon Run.

I am normally  a morning runner. I feel the best in the early hours of the day. Today, a morning run wasn’t in the cards for me; however, an afternoon run was doable. When I finally got out there to the path, I realized how  super windy it was outside! At least the sun was shining. My legs were really heavy, but I am not sure exactly why. I managed to run 4.5 in 45 miles. That was all that my body could do today. At least I was able to get out there and run! 

Happy Saturday! 

Feliz Cumpleaños a Hector!

This past Monday was my Boyfriend, Hector’s 23rd birthday!! We are pretty lame and didn’t go out and party over the weekend. That is just not our style. We act more like an old married couple. 🙂 We did celebrate Monday night by going to our favorite restaurant, The Chicago Diner.

Hector treated himself a chocolate chip cookie dough shake.

For dinner, Hector ordered the philycheeze stake and I got the ‘meatloaf’ dinner. They were so good!

Finally, we ended the dinner with carrot cake!

Overall, I think Hector had a great birthday! 🙂