A Fresh Start.

After this past week, I really need to get back on track with what I am eating. I have not been eating very healthy and I really can tell it by how my body is feeling.

Today, is a fresh start. I know that  feel my best when I eat fresh, whole foods. I will take the time to plan my meals accordingly. I will keep myself accountable by tracking my progress here.  

I still have a few pounds to loose before I reach my goal weight. 20 to be exact. If I even reach half of that before marathon training starts, I will be ecstatic! In the past couple of years, I have lost around 60 pounds. ( more on that in a later post)

I look forward to this fresh start and what it will bring to me! 

This is my motivation: to eat healthy, and not be on a restrictive diet!


Happy Monday 🙂

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