Finalizing My 2012 Race Schedule

Since running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon this past January, I have become addicted to racing. I never thought that I would be saying that!! I want to run so many more races this year! I am finding that it is really hard to pick just a handful of races.

The races that I am signed up for right now are the Chicago Half Marathon & the Chicago Marathon.

I am really interested in the Chi Town Half Marathon on April 1st. This looks like it would be a great race & it is at a good time for me. When they announced that there was going to be a Get Lucky Chicago, I got really excited. I really don’t want to spend $47.77 on a 7K and I don’t think that I’ll be ready for another half in a month. So, Get Lucky is ruled out!

I am 100% planning on doing the Martian Half Marathon on April 14th in Dearborn, MI. I am planning on running it with my cousin Kristin, who recently has started running. She is also registered for the Chicago Marathon!!

I want to do another 5k because I haven’t done one in 3 years. I want to see how my time has improved.

So this list the list of races that I decided I will run for sure:

Chi Town Half Marathon- April 1st

Martian Half Marathon- April 14th

Chicago Half Marathon- September 9th

Chicago Marathon- October 7th

I still want to find a race between the Martian Half and the Chicago Half. So, I will keep on looking to find the best race for me!

Happy Monday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finalizing My 2012 Race Schedule

  1. Sounds fun! I’m doing the Chi-Town Half, Chicago Half and Chicago Marathon. I’m also doing the 13.1 Chicago on June 9 and the RnR Half in Chicago on July 22, in case those work out for your schedule 🙂

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