Weekend Recap.

I am a little sad that the weekend is coming to an end. Tomorrow will start another busy week with school.

I started my morning off with overnight oats. Lately every morning I have some form of overnight oats. It is that good.

My weekend was more exciting then it has been in quite some time. On Saturday, Hector and I went on a “longer” run. We ran 6.9 miles along the lakefront path. I haven’t ran that much since the half marathon in January. It felt so good! I can’t believe how nice the weather has been so nice for February! 

Later yesterday night Hector & I decided to go out to eat. We went to Native Foods in Lakeview. I was surprised how crowded it got, but again, we don’t go out much on Saturday night. I got the Ensalada Azteca Salad. I have had this a couple of other times and really like it. Hector got the Soul Bowl. He is trying to eat things that he normally wouldn’t. It was really good! 

I must say that I had a pretty good weekend! I hope that everyone did too! 

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