What am I thinking?!

I will be running the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon next January!! I think I am a little crazy. I haven’t even completed my first marathon, which will be the Chicago Marathon in October, and I have already decided to run a second one! What am I thinking?!?!

Registration doesn’t officially open to the public until April 10th, but right now you can register if you are a Disney Visa Card holder, which I am. Also, I saved $15 dollars off the cost.
I really enjoyed running the Disney Half Marathon this year and I really wished that I had ran the full marathon. The half and the full are the same price, so in my eyes you are getting more for your money if you run the marathon because you get to run through all the parks. I even contemplated  doing the Goofy Challenge, which is where you run the half and the full marathon. Now that would have been really crazy!
I am really excited for this race!! I look forward to all the training that I am going to have to do this year!

4 thoughts on “What am I thinking?!

  1. Congrats on your first (and second!) marathon! I did my very first marathon at Disney this year, and it was the best experience! I’m kinda bummed I can’t afford to go again next year for the 20th anniversary.

    You will love it, though! A very different experience from Chicago!

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