Getting a little nervous.

I will be honest. I haven’t followed my half marathon training plan exactly. I have missed a few runs here and there. I am disappointed in myself for not completing some training runs when I was fully able to. There is no looking back now. I am now getting myself prepared for Saturday’s run! I am leaving Chicago Friday afternoon on the train. The train has become my main mode of transportation back to Michigan since I don’t have a car. I hope it doesn’t get delayed. It is suppose to arrive at 11 PM. I need to get a lot of sleep that night, but I will just have to wait and see it that is going to happen. The race doesn’t start until 8:45 AM, but my house is 1 hour away. Also, I am going to have to pick my packet up on the race day morning because the expo is only Friday night and obviously I can’t attend it. So, I will have to leave around 6:30 AM.

This is what I am looking forward to:

I can’t wait to have this medal put around my neck after I finish running 13.1 miles!

Even though I am a little nervous for this race, I am getting really excited. I can’t believe that I will be running my second half marathon on Saturday!!!

5 thoughts on “Getting a little nervous.

    • Thanks! That’s too bad it didn’t work out for your schedule!
      I wanted to pick a race to run with my cousin who also lives in Michigan where I am from and this one happened to work out for us!
      I look forward to reviewing the race!

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