So long shoes…

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for my run. I knew that my shoes, mainly my right one, needed to be replaced. I just didn’t think it was that time yet. I really hate when I have to replace my shoes. I have gotten comfortable running in the pair and then all of a sudden I have to replace them and break-in  a new pair. Yes, as you can see, I have a deep attachment to my shoes.

Somehow I made a hole in my Asics. I am pretty sure that this might have to do with my form because this happens with every pair! Something needs to change!

I am a little worried because I really don’t have any time to break in my new shoes. (last week I went out and bought a new pair of Saucony shoes) The Dexter-Ann Arbor Half is this Sunday! I am really nervous for this race to begin with and my shoe situation doesn’t help at all! I hope that somehow I can break them in this week because there is no way that I am going to be able to run in them for 13.1 miles! Yesterday I only was able to run 3!!

I also need to invest in some really good sunscreen!

Happy Thursday!


In denial…

Hey everyone!

These past few months, I have been in denial, or at least I think that I have been. Certain foods really upset my stomach, mostly foods that have a high amount of gluten in them, like  French bread. Some gluten foods don’t upset my stomach, but it seems more and more that I am having a lot of stomach issues. I have had a problem with acid reflux since I was little & even had to have a hernia removed a couple of years ago. I have been noticing that I also have been having more stomach issues while I am running. Is this a gluten sensitivity? I don’t know.

Now, I’m in denial because I don’t want to give up gluten. I have tried, but I give up. It seems like it is too much work trying to figure out what I can & can’t eat. Maybe I am just not willing to give it the time. My current solution to this problem is to slowly eliminate gluten from my diet. I don’t think that I can cut it out right now, especially since I am visiting my parents & I barely have any food options in the house. I think that if I cut out process foods from my diet that will also help. So, my plan will be to slowly cut out gluten & processed foods from my diet. It won’t be too easy, but I think that I can do it!!

It’s time to stop living in denial!!

Memorial Day Weekend Recap!

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

This weekend I had set out to run a double digit run of 10-11 miles; however, my body didn’t agree with this plan. Saturday, Kristin & I went to Stoney Creek Metro Park, which is about 45 minutes away from my house. I really love this park and it has a great 6 mile loop running/biking trail. We made it one loop around and my body just couldn’t handle anymore. We decided that we would do a long run on Sunday. Well, I ended up running by myself. I ran along the Polly Ann Trail, which is close to me house. I only ran 9 miles. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to run at least 10, but really I felt like I was going to throw up about 5 different times. It was a hard run and I do wish that I was able to run farther, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

Since the long weekend is now coming to an end, I am looking forward to the half-marathon on Sunday, even though I don’t think that I am ready. I am also still thinking about my daily challenge of weight loss and I think I know what I need to cut out of my diet. It has a lot to do with my stomach issues while running, More on that tomorrow!

Have a great night!



Challenge Day #1

Yesterday, I completed Day 1 of my challenge!

For breakfast I had my usual overnight oats. I have this for breakfast literally every morning; maybe I should venture out and try something new for breakfast! Basically the night before,I take a banana and mush it with a fork in a bowl, than I add 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds, and cinnamon. Mix everything together than I add about 3/4 cup almond milk. Stir & put into the fridge. It really is that easy!

For a snack I had one slice of sprouted bread with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. I had this before my run. I knew that I had to eat something before I attempted to run.

The slice of PB toast really fueled my run! I got in 4 miles with my cousin Kristin; we even ran up a very steep hill!! It felt great! (I have got to remember to take pictures of my run!)

For lunch I had leftover potato & fennel soup that I made the previous day for dinner. It really hit the spot!

For dinner I made tofu & black bean tacos, which were really good! I must have been too hungry because I forgot to take a picture!

Overall, Day 1 went really good! I am trying to figure out how I want to document my challenge on the blog. I don’t think that I want to document everything I eat each day. I think that would be really boring to read & I tend to forget to take pictures of everything. I am thinking that if I just document once a week how the challenge is going, that would be good for me. I will see how things go, but right now I am leaning towards not documenting everything I eat on the blog. Maybe I should just update any weight loss? I will figure it sometime soon!

Last Week’s Training & A New Challenge!

Hey everyone! Hope that everyone’s Monday is off to a great start!

Last week I actually managed to get all of my training runs in! I can’t believe it. Now, let’s make this consistent and happen every week.

Here is a recap:

Tuesday- 2 miles. Had to cut this one short due to the heat

Wednesday- 6.5 miles

Thursday- 4.6 miles

Saturday- 9 miles. Finally a long run!!! Ran with my cousin and this run was both hilly & warm! It felt really good when we were done.

My New Challenge!

This week I want to challenge myself to finally keep track of what I am eating and make a plan to lose some weight. I have not mentioned this before, but over the past five years I have lost about 50 pounds. I have gained some of it back and I am still not at my goal weight. I have about 20 more pounds to go and I would like to lose some of that before I really get into marathon training. I know that I will not be able to lose all of it or even half before mid-June, but I need to try. I know that it will improve my running.

So, my challenge is to document what I eat daily. I don’t know how long I will do this, but I think that it is going to be very important to my success! I will use this blog as a “food journal” and hopefully it will keep me on track!

I am really excited to start this challenge and I look forward to sharing it with you! Tomorrow will start Day 1 of the challenge!

What did I get myself into?!

I am really starting to freak out about my half marathon that is now less than 3 weeks away! I do not feel that I have been training like I should have. These past couple of weeks I have been trying to increase my milage, but today I just couldn’t get through my run! My body doesn’t handle the heat very well. Honestly, I don’t sweat. I am trying to figure out what will make me sweat more because my body just can’t process the heat!

I only was able to run 2 miles in the heat. I was frustrated with myself, but I knew that my body couldn’t handle any more. Tomorrow I will get back out there and try again. I have to adapt to running in the heat. There is no way that I will be able to train & even run the Chicago Marathon in October if I don’t learn to deal with the heat! This is my new goal for the summer: be able to run in the heat without getting sick!

Going back to Dexter-Ann Arbor Half on June 3rd, I am really nervous for it. This is my biggest concern aside from the heat:

The course is described as: “Hilly and fairly challenging — though not overly so — the race is run on paved surfaces throughout the entire course, and features its only real flat stretches of any length for two miles during the entire race.” 

Will I be ready for the race? I don’t know, but I do know that I will try because I signed up for this race. I just need to push myself and believe that I can do it! Sorry if I sound like I am complaining too much, I am just worried!

The goal for this week is to try & complete every run on my training schedule, especially the longer runs! I think that I can do that!

Good night!

Catching up from last week!

Last week just flew by! I have really been enjoying my time with my parents & family!

I have really been enjoying my time home. Tuesday, like I previously mentioned, my parents & I went to the Henry Ford Museum to see the Titanic Exhibit. My Dad is fascinated by anything Titanic. We have seen a Titanic Exhibit before, I think it was when I was in high school. Overall it was a good exhibition. It wasn’t crowded at all. Just a few people here and there. I can’t imagine going when it is even a little bit crowded. You really wouldn’t be able to see anything. Before we entered we were given a passenger. I was a first class woman who was coming back from holiday and a shopping trip. Oh, what the life that must have been! At the end, you found out if your person survived or died. Mine happily survived. Part of the exhibition we had seen before, but some things were new. Overall, it is worth seeing if you are near the Dearborn area.

For my workouts last week, I ran with my cousin Kristin for our training runs for the Dexter-Ann Arbor half! It was a lot of fun running with her! We were suppose to fit in a long run of 9 miles according to our plan, but we just managed 7.5. We really need to get running some more long runs! The half marathon is now less then 3 weeks away! I am getting really anxious for it!

Yesterday, for Mother’s day, my whole family got together at my Grandma’s house and did a lot of clean-up around her yard. It got really hot out!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Somehow wordpress or my computer is doing something that isn’t allowing me to post them!

Happy Monday!