PPK Potluck

This past Sunday, a few PPK members and I got together for our monthly potluck. If you are not familiar with PPK, which stands for Post Punk Kitchen, it is a wonderful vegan blog by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who is one of my favorite cookbook authors. You should definitely check it out, especially if you are looking for some delicious recipes! There is a forum on the blog where people talk about all things vegan and it is a really great resource, especially if you have questions about certain things. Each month so far this year, a group of members from Chicago have gotten together for a potluck. Each month has been a different theme and this past potluck the theme was brunch! This time I was the host, which was really fun!

We had tons of yummy food!

{Berry Muffins & Mango Coconut Muffins}

{Molletes- A Mexican Breakfast dish of refried beans & cheese (Dayia used here!)}

{Avocado Potato Salad from Vegan Brunch}

{Fruit Salad with Soy Yogurt}

{Cinnamon Rolls}

{Mini Quiche}

{The Whole Spread}

Everything was amazing! It is a really fun get together each month! It looks like we aren’t going to have one in May, but we are looking at having an ice cream themed potluck for June! I can’t wait!

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