Week 2: Finished

I can’t believe that week 2 of marathon training is already completed! After week 1 injury, I wasn’t really sure how this week was going to go. Let’s just say that it had some ups and downs.

Tuesday I wanted to see how my legs were feeling. They felt great! my wound was starting to get better! I ended up running 6 miles and it felt great!

{Favorite part of my run: the views}

Wednesday I did a short of 3 miles. This run felt really great, but I think that I went out a little too fast. Did this in 28 minutes, a little faster than I normally run.

Thursday I didn’t do my run because I listened to my body. My IT band was really right and I didn’t not want to injury myself even more.

Friday was a rest day.

Saturday I only ran 3 miles. I let the heat and humidity get the best of me. I think I need to up my salt intake because I don’t have a lot of salt in my diet. After my run, I did a lot of thinking about whether or not I was going to be able to even complete marathon training. I have a lot of self doubt. I know that I can do this if I get the mental part down. If I knew that I can run any distance the training plan says, I will do it. I also watched the movie Spirit of the Marathon again. If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should. It is so inspiring and I cried throughout the movie. It chronicles runners all at different levels training for the Chicago Marathon. I kept thinking to myself, I can’t believe that will be move come this October! It got me really inspired and motivated to run!

Sunday I attempted my long run again. I ran 7.5 miles! I would’ve ran more, but my ankle was hurting a little. I believe that I landed on it during my fall and it hasn’t fully recovered. I don’t want to push it too much! It was hot out, but this time my body felt better running in the heat. Maybe my body is slowly getting used to running in the heat?!

{I did go out and buy a hat for running!}

I have been thinking about my goals for the marathon & my training a lot lately. I will post these asap. I am also working on my eating & hydration for training. I know if I don’t plan this out, it is only going to hinder my training!

I hope everyone’s training is going great! 🙂


I needed that run…

Since my fall last Thursday, I haven’t ran. My knee was really hurting when I stood up from sitting down. Basically, just my scab hurts from the movement.

Yesterday, I told myself that if I felt better in the morning that I would attempt to run.

I am so glad that I felt up to it this morning! The weather was gorgeous! I really have missed running along the lakefront. I was able to run 6 miles in 1 hour! I did stop for some water at the drinking fountains. I am really glad that they are there because where I run in Michigan there aren’t any fountains to be found!

I really needed this run to reassure myself that I can still run. I missed the first week of marathon training, which was really upsetting but there was nothing that I could do. I am ready to really focus on training because if I slack just a little, I know that it is going to be really difficult to run the marathon.

{Not the best picture, but oh well :)}

This run made me also realize that I need to go and buy a running hat. I am really tired of having sweet get into my eyes! I think I’ll go and get one today.

Until next time, happy running!

Week 1: Failed

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! 🙂

Last week was suppose to by my first week of marathon training. Let’s just say that it did not go so well. On Wednesday I finally came back to Chicago after my long month stay in Michigan! My mom also came back with me & left on Saturday. It was really nice and I got to spend some quality time with her! On Thursday, I attempted my first run of the week and this happens:

I must have tripped over an uneven surface along the path. I was running along the lakefront and was almost to North Ave beach when I took a tumble. It was so embarrassing because it was so crowded! I got back up and went to the bathroom to clean some of the blood. I was only 2 miles into my run when this happened. I wasn’t about to walk the 2 miles back with blood dripping down my leg. So I ran back.

It still hurts. My knee hurts when I get up from sitting down. Also, my right ankle has been hurting and has a little bruise. I have been resting & icing. But I just want to run!! I am going to attempt to run today, but I don’t know how that will go. I hope that it is healed because I want to start training for the Chicago Marathon! Also, I am running the Chicago Women’s Half on the 24th, so I need to get in another longer training run!

Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon Race Recap

Sunday I ran the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon and overall the race was ok. I knew that I wasn’t going to PR this race. I honestly just wanted to finish! Throughout the race, I had a lot of emotions going through my head.

I ran the half with my cousin Kristin, which was a lot of fun. It really is better to go to races with someone. Her friend Holly ran the 10K, her first ever!!! We left around 4:30. The race didn’t not start until 8:30, but we had to make sure that we had enough time to pick up our packets. It only took us a little less than hour and a half to get to Ann Arbor. I was happy we found the right parking structure right away! We picked up our bibs, went the bathroom, and got our stuff together. Kristin & I headed to the school buses, which then took us to Dexter, the start of the race. The 10k start was in Ann Arbor, so Holly didn’t have to take the bus with us!

Me & Kristin After Getting Our Bibs

Kristin & Holly Ready To Run!

We arrived to Dexter & waited at a school for about 1 1/2 hours. The waiting really made me more nervous! It was a bit chilly outside, but by the time the race was going to start, it got really warm & sunny out!

Waiting for the race to start!

The race started right on time & I felt good until about mile 6. It was getter warmer and I worried that I wouldn’t finish. After mile 10, I had to go to the bathroom. It didn’t bother me to stop, which in any other race would have. I did have to walk a little bit in mile 11 & 12. I wasn’t happy that I needed to walk, but my body couldn’t be pushed anymore.

I really just wanted to finish without injuring my body. I finished. My time was not so good, but I wasn’t racing this for a PR. The course was a challenge. It was hilly and really beautiful.

Overall, the race was really organized. I was happy that the had lots of water & gatorade every mile to mile and a half. The volunteers were wonderful & I greatly appreciate the spectators that came out to cheer the runners on!

I am proud to say the I finished my 3rd half marathon!

My time was 2:29. Not the best, but I am proud to be a finisher!

Kristin & Holly both ran strong races!

After the race, we went to Seva, a vegetarian restaurant. It felt so good just to sit down! We had a great lunch with lots of yummy food!

It was a great day! I am looking forward to improving my time at my next race!

June Goals!

I really can’t believe that it is already June! I have decided that each month I want to write down some goals that I would like achieve for that month. At the end of each month, I will reflect on how successful I was in achieving each of them! It sounds easy enough! Let’s just see if I am up to the challenge!

Here are my goals for June:

1. Complete the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon. At this point, I will be happy finishing this race! I don’t feel that I have trained enough for this tough course, but I just don’t want to give up during the race!

2. PR the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon. I really think that with a little more training this month that I will be able to PR! My PR for the half marathon currently is 2:20 and I really think that I can get a faster time. Since this race is three weeks after this Sunday’s half, I feel that I have enough time to train for a PR!

3. Stick to the Chicago Marathon training plan. I want to make sure that I complete each of my training runs unless something really important comes up. This past week I have been looking at what training plan will work best & came up my own schedule that I think will work. (I will do a post on this soon!)

4. Loose around 6-8 pounds. I think that this is a reasonable amount to lose within a month! I also believe that taking off a couple of pounds will improve me running.

5. Create at least 2 new recipes. I really want to develop and create my own recipes and hope that I have the creative spark this month to do so! I will post the recipes here of course!

Well, those are my 5 goals for June! I have a feeling this is going to be a great month! 🙂