June Goals!

I really can’t believe that it is already June! I have decided that each month I want to write down some goals that I would like achieve for that month. At the end of each month, I will reflect on how successful I was in achieving each of them! It sounds easy enough! Let’s just see if I am up to the challenge!

Here are my goals for June:

1. Complete the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon. At this point, I will be happy finishing this race! I don’t feel that I have trained enough for this tough course, but I just don’t want to give up during the race!

2. PR the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon. I really think that with a little more training this month that I will be able to PR! My PR for the half marathon currently is 2:20 and I really think that I can get a faster time. Since this race is three weeks after this Sunday’s half, I feel that I have enough time to train for a PR!

3. Stick to the Chicago Marathon training plan. I want to make sure that I complete each of my training runs unless something really important comes up. This past week I have been looking at what training plan will work best & came up my own schedule that I think will work. (I will do a post on this soon!)

4. Loose around 6-8 pounds. I think that this is a reasonable amount to lose within a month! I also believe that taking off a couple of pounds will improve me running.

5. Create at least 2 new recipes. I really want to develop and create my own recipes and hope that I have the creative spark this month to do so! I will post the recipes here of course!

Well, those are my 5 goals for June! I have a feeling this is going to be a great month! 🙂

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