Week 2: Finished

I can’t believe that week 2 of marathon training is already completed! After week 1 injury, I wasn’t really sure how this week was going to go. Let’s just say that it had some ups and downs.

Tuesday I wanted to see how my legs were feeling. They felt great! my wound was starting to get better! I ended up running 6 miles and it felt great!

{Favorite part of my run: the views}

Wednesday I did a short of 3 miles. This run felt really great, but I think that I went out a little too fast. Did this in 28 minutes, a little faster than I normally run.

Thursday I didn’t do my run because I listened to my body. My IT band was really right and I didn’t not want to injury myself even more.

Friday was a rest day.

Saturday I only ran 3 miles. I let the heat and humidity get the best of me. I think I need to up my salt intake because I don’t have a lot of salt in my diet. After my run, I did a lot of thinking about whether or not I was going to be able to even complete marathon training. I have a lot of self doubt. I know that I can do this if I get the mental part down. If I knew that I can run any distance the training plan says, I will do it. I also watched the movie Spirit of the Marathon again. If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should. It is so inspiring and I cried throughout the movie. It chronicles runners all at different levels training for the Chicago Marathon. I kept thinking to myself, I can’t believe that will be move come this October! It got me really inspired and motivated to run!

Sunday I attempted my long run again. I ran 7.5 miles! I would’ve ran more, but my ankle was hurting a little. I believe that I landed on it during my fall and it hasn’t fully recovered. I don’t want to push it too much! It was hot out, but this time my body felt better running in the heat. Maybe my body is slowly getting used to running in the heat?!

{I did go out and buy a hat for running!}

I have been thinking about my goals for the marathon & my training a lot lately. I will post these asap. I am also working on my eating & hydration for training. I know if I don’t plan this out, it is only going to hinder my training!

I hope everyone’s training is going great! 🙂

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