It feels like I haven’t posted in forever! The month of June wasn’t very good for running. I got really frustrated with my injuries and I just wanted to run when I couldn’t. I am almost fully recovered, but still not quite back to normal. This is taking forever, but at least I am able to run again!

I know that everyone has been talking about the weather and how HOT it has been. I have had to skip a few runs because I felt extremely sick. But I am slowly getting use to the heat.

It seems like I am hungry all the time and I don’t want to cook. As soon as the stove comes on the apt gets so hot! I can’t stand it. So I am on the look out for some vegan recipes that don’t need to be cooked! Since I was so hungry last night, well more like 5, Hector {the bf} and I headed to Vegetarian Express in Lakeview. It is super close to us and fairly inexpensive. Whenever we have nothing to eat and don’t want to spend a lot of money going out to eat, we go there. Plus, they have really awesome juices.

I got the sweet potato burger which is pretty simple and good. The fries are not mine. Hector wanted some fries, so I ordered them with my meal.

Hector ordered tamales. 3 of them to be exact! I think that he was starving!

This meal really hit the spot! After we ate we want to Marshall’s but didn’t buy anything. I think we mainly just want to be in some cold air.

This morning I knew that I wanted to attempt a run, but knew that 10 miles wasn’t in the works for me. So I ran 4. Tomorrow I will attempt the 10 miles and I am really looking forward to some cooler weather.

I am also figuring out what I want to do with this blog. I want to post more often, but not sure what to include on the blog. Just trying to figure things out. Now, I need to make sure I go to bed early. I want to be running bright and early tomorrow morning! 🙂