CRIM Festival of Races Expo

The CRIM Festival of Races takes place the last weekend of August in downtown Flint, Michigan. This year is the 36th year for the race and is one of the most popular races in Michigan; at least this is what I heard, I will let you know if this is true after Saturday! There is a race for everybody {walkers included!}: 1 mile, 5k, 8k and 10 miles. The 10 mile race is the 4th largest in the country and from what I have been reading, they want to make it even bigger!

I have wanted to do the CRIM for the past couple of years, but never had the opportunity to run it. Since I was going to be back in Michigan in late August, I just had to register! I will be running it with my cousin Kristin & the bf Hector!

The expo is taking place today & tomorrow at the Riverfront Conference Center in Flint. If you were thinking about registering, there is still time to sign up at the expo! I have plans tomorrow, so I headed to the expo today!

The expo was about a 40 minute drive and was very easy to find. When Hector & I walked into expo, we were a little confused. We assumed that the packet picked up would be in the front, right as you entered. We were wrong. You had to go through the vendors first and the packets were in the back. I don’t think this was set up very well because you have a lot of people coming in and out at the same time. Going against traffic is never fun.

Besides the layout, the expo was great for a 10 mile race! There was a great selection of things to buy from the vendors. I didn’t buy anything, which was extremely hard because there were so many good deals! Hector did get a really good deal on some running shorts & a shirt.

I can’t wait for Saturday!! 🙂


Road Trip!

Wednesday Hector {the boyfriend} and I left Chicago and headed back home to Michigan. We wanted to make a trip back home before school starts in a few weeks! We aren’t sure how long we are staying in the mitten, but at least a week! We have a couple of things planned to do while we are here. I am most excited to run the CRIM next weekend! {more on that later!}

We left the city in the afternoon and we didn’t hit any traffic! Before we left we had stopped at Whole Foods to get some treats for the road. One bad thing about being vegan is that sometimes it can be hard finding fast vegan options on the road. I have found that it is always better to be prepared!

I have been wanting to try one of Upton’s Naturals sandwiches for a long time. I see them all the time at Whole Foods, but never could justify buying one. Going on a road trip was a perfect excuse to try it! I went with the Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap.

I was surprised that it was so filling! I didn’t think it would be enough, but there was tons of “chicken” & “bacon” packed inside. I think this sandwich is a great vegan on the go option for the road!

I also had some watermelon & honeydew. Fresh fruit is always a great road trip option!

Another snack that I had was Kale Chips. I have been wanting to try these for a long time. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was so surprised by the taste! They were so good. They are normally a little pricey, but they were on sale! I would eat these over chips any day.

We had a lot of fun on our little road trip. We want to plan on going on a longer road trip next summer!

It feels great to be home! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Back to blogging….

Hey everyone! I hope that your summer is going great! I am personally ready for fall, which is my favorite season. 

I am less than 2 months away from running the Chicago Marathon!! I am so excited & scared at the same time. At the beginning of June, I wasn’t sure it I wanted to continue blogging about running. Well, I have now decided that I do want to blog about training for my first marathon. I want to document my ups & downs, the good and the bad. Training for a marathon isn’t easy, but it can be so rewarding. So, even if no one reads my blog, I will have a place where all my “running thoughts” will be kept! 

Overall, my training has been going okay. It is definitely a lot harder than I thought that it would be. In June I had a couple of injuries, which have now gone away. I am determined to finish the rest of the training strong!!

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile run scheduled & I am nervous!! Luckily I will be running it with Hector {the boyfriend} and we are determined to get through it! It will be our longest distance run so far!! 


I look forward to posting lots more about training & also some vegan food!!