Tough Decision…

It is time for me to be honest. My training for the Chicago Marathon has been horrible. When I came back to Chicago from my month long visit  to Michigan in June, everything went downhill as far as running went. My first run back in Chicago, I tripped on the lakefront path and hurt my knees pretty bad. I was unable to even walk without limping for two weeks. Slowly I started to feel like I could run again, but it was painful. Long runs just didn’t happen. There is no way I could run long distance being in that much pain.

The aftermath of my fall. It took over a month just for my skin to heal.

On a long run of only 8 miles probably sometime in July, my hip was hurting and I could no longer run. This was a major set back. When everyone was doing long runs of 13, 16, 18 miles, I couldn’t run longer than 10 miles without being in pain. This was a major set back in my marathon training.

Lately my running has been better. I ran the CRIM 10 Miler without any pains & this past Sunday, the Chicago Half Marathon pain free. But the marathon is in less than 4 weeks! I should be running 20 miles this weekend. I don’t even think that is possible. I have missed crucial training runs. My longest run has just been over 13 miles. I am very undertrained.

The past couple of weeks I have been deciding what to do about the marathon. Should I try and at least start the marathon and risk getting injured. I know that if I start, I will most likely want to finish, but I don’t know how that will be even possible. I wanted to run the Chicago Marathon so bad, but I just don’t think that it is in the cards for me. I need to decide asap. I think that the most logical thing for me to do is not to run.

On the other hand, I am registered for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January. I am so excited for this race!!! Do you think that I should just forget about Chicago and focus my training to Disney. My training plan of 18 weeks would start next week for the Disney Marathon. I would be able to rebuild the base needed for the longer runs, which I don’t have right now.

I need advice. What should I do? Do I attempt Chicago Marathon or just refocus my energy and training for the Disney Marathon?

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Tough Decision…

  1. I’ve never run a marathon (until this weekend), so take my advice with a boulder-sized grain of salt. Since you’re already registered for a marathon in January, I’d sit out on Chicago and regroup. There will always be other races, and I would prefer to be healthy and be able to finish relatively happy than pushing myself through a race that I don’t feel mentally or physically prepared for.

    • Good luck with your first marathon this weekend!
      I agree with you. I think that sitting out the Chicago Marathon would be best! I am just not prepared for it.

  2. My advice is listen to your body…It sounds like you are on course for the Disney Marathon, but your body may need a little more time to recover. The Chicago marathon is in 25 days! Ack, I wonder if I am ready myself!!! best of luck to you!!!

  3. [First time Vegan Marathoner here] I’d say if you don’t have enough base and are coming off an injury you shouldn’t run the marathon, most peoples 20 mile run is this weekend ( including mine) my longest was 16 a few weeks ago with some 15 milers inbetween. I say rest, heal and rock out at Disney. In the meantime get a half marathon in the fall. Or run a half on October 7, plenty of halfs outside of the city that weekend and you should have a base for that. Whichever you choose I hope you do well!

    • Thanks for the advice!I really appreciate it! There are tons of shorter races to do this fall!, so maybe I will find a goal race other than the marathon for this fall.

  4. My advice is to focus on the Disney Marathon. You don’t want to push yourself too much and risk hurting yourself even further, thereby potentially putting both marathons (and even your long-term health) at risk. I’ve run through pain and injury before, and it just made things worse in the long run.

    However, if it were me, I would still go out and start the Chicago Marathon just to enjoy the experience. I’d give myself full permission to stop at whatever point it gets to be too much – basically go in with zero pressure or expectations. And I wanted to walk the entire marathon, I would feel free to do it. This is supposed to be fun, in whatever way we define fun!

    • Thank you so much for your advice!

      I have thought about starting the Chicago Marathon and stopping whenever I felt that I needed to, but I think I will push myself too much and want to finish!

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