Urban Vegan Chicago

Hector has been craving “noodles” for over a month now. Everyday I would hear him request noodle dishes for dinner, preferably some type of Asian noodles. I’ll be honest that I am not comfortable cooking Asian cuisine. It is out of my comfort zone. Last night I finally caved and decided to go and get some “noodles.”

We went to Urban Vegan in Lakeview. They just open a second location in Lincoln Park. We had been there once before and really have been meaning to go back. If you haven’t been and love Thai food, you must go! It is SO GOOD! I especially love to support 100% vegan restaurants. Even if you aren’t vegetarian, I know that you will love Urban Vegan!

We started our meal off with complimentary miso soup. I really enjoyed this. Since the weather was cooler, the soup felt really nourishing and comforting.

Hector & I both ordered an appetizer. I went to the steamed curry dumplings. I have never had steamed dumplings before and & I really wanted to try some. The dumplings were filled with veggies and served with a green curry sauce. It was really delicious.

Hector ordered “chicken” nuggets. He really loved them, especially how crunchy the texture was. I didn’t try any, but they did look really good!

Since we both got an appetizer, we decided to spilt an entree. We went with Pad Thai Tofu and it did not disappoint. It was amazing.

Hector ate most of it. I think that it is safe to say that his noodle craving was satisfied.

I highly recommend trying out Urban Vegan. The food was extremely flavorful and delicious. I look forward to sharing more Vegan eats with you at different local restaurants and my kitchen!

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