Bike Love

Yesterday morning as I headed out to the lakefront path, I could smell the crisp fall leaves that has just fallen off the trees. The small was refreshing and provided me with a sense of calmness. I was riding with the wind, which was an added bonus. Of course this meant I would be riding against it on the way back, but that was fine with me.

Just after Navy Pier, before the Yacht Club, a police officer was stopping everybody and wouldn’t allow us to continue on the path. They were filming a movie. I wonder which film was being shot there? Trying to figure out how to get to school was tricky, but I figured it out. I was able to cut through Millennium Park to Balbo St. I am glad that I left really early!

Riding along the lakefront, I often have to remind myself that it always isn’t a race. Enjoy the journey along the path. Take in the sites, smells, the lake, which are often overlooked  when we try and get to and from a destination fast and want to pass everyone in front of us.

I love my bike and enjoy the moments were I get to spend riding it.

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