Chicago VeganMania

Yesterday morning Hector and I went to Chicago VeganMania at the Broadway Armory in Edgewater. I had been looking forward to this event for months. Any event that is about veganism, I need to go to. When we got there a few minutes before 10 there was a line outside the door. The first 100 people got a goodie bag. Sadly I wasn’t one of them.

When we got inside we walked around the room looking at the different vendors. I saw a lot of things I liked, but when I saw these over at Food Fight Grocery, I became extremely happy!

I was just about to order some of these soy curls online, but when I saw that Food Fight Grocery had them there I had to get two bags. Expect a recipes involving these soon.

We also picked up a bag of this popcorn. I am not a fan of popcorn, but this one had me sold. The kernels are small, but extremely flavorful.

After walking around the vendors, we headed over to the food area. So many choices! I love when I have a choice of what I am to eat! Cash was exchanged for tokens that you paid the food vendor. How cool is that?

We started off the the Italian sandwich from Upton’s Naturals. If you haven’t tried their seitan. I highly recommend that you do. It is available at Whole Foods!  I also love that the product is made locally here in Chicago.

Upton’s also had mustache cookies and Hector couldn’t resist a sugar mustache cookie.

We walked around for a bit and went to a couple of speakers/panel discussion. They were really interesting and I learned some more information on how to be a more healthful vegan. I think I will write a separate post on that this week. {I definitely need to improve my eating. It has not been as healthy as it could be}

We headed back to the food vendors. I wanted to get something from Soul Vegan, but while waiting in line they ran out of  mac ‘n cheese. So I headed over to the Chicago Diner instead and had a gyro. It was really yummy!

Hector grabbed some pad thai from Urban Vegan. His fav.

Overall it was a great day! Next year I need to remember to get there really early so that I will get a goodie bag. Second, if I see something I like to buy/eat get it right away. It probably will be gone when you come back!

Have you ever been to a vegetarian/vegan event?

2 thoughts on “Chicago VeganMania

    • It was so good!!! I will let you know if I am going to any other events! Right now I don’t know of any, but I am sure one will come up! 🙂

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