Week 7 {Disney Marathon Training}

This weeks workouts went better than the previous training weeks. I haven’t been running much since September. This week my knee finally started to feel normal. It isn’t back to 100%, so I am still taking it easy! I don’t want to push myself too much & injury anything else.

Monday: Commute on my bike to & from school. 12 miles round trip. The way back I got soaked from the rain. Probably about 1 hour total.

Tuesday: 3.5 Miles in 38 minutes. 10:38 pace.

Wednesday: Commute on my bike to & from school. I really like to commute via my bike!

Thursday: Rest. I was planning on running in the afternoon, but my stomach was hurting all day. This remined me that I have to be careful what I eat while training for the marathon.

Friday: 4 miles in 44 minutes for a 11:05 pace. Took this run really easy.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: long run of the week. Ran 8 miles in 1 hour an 32 minutes for a 11:30 pace. I wanted to run around 11 miles, but I stopped at 8. It was really windy on the way back.  I am really happy with this run because I haven’t ran a long run since September.

Total miles running: 15.5

Total miles biking: 24

I hope that I am able to increase my milage without hurting myself! My goal for the rest of training is complete all the training runs. even though I am a little behind with my training, I feel that I can still run a successful marathon this January! I am really looking forward to increasing my miles! 🙂



Hey everyone! I haven’t posted here recently because I got really busy with school & officially started wedding planning!! Wedding planning is going to be a lot of work! {Will post soon about the location!!} Hint: It’s going to be a destination wedding!!

I just wanted talk about some things that have happened recently & that are coming up!!

This week I received my tester copy of Vegan Eats World! I will write a whole post dedicated to this wonderful book! I highly recommend it!

I also received a copy of American Vegan Kitchen that I won over at Kim Cooks Veg 4U. I love getting new cookbooks!! 🙂

A few weeks ago I officially registered for the Detroit Turkey Trot 10k. I really want to try and PR. I love that they are having a medal for the race! It will be nice to visit my family for Thanksgiving, although I don’t even think we are having a Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family. Not quite sure what is going on with that.

My knee is finally feeling better! I can finally run with no pain. This is great news because I am in the middle of training for the Disney World Marathon! I can’t wait to tackle the rest of training.

My next race coming up is Chicago’s Perfect 10. I am not sure what my plan is going to be for that race! This race should be fun, at least I hope so!

Those are all the updates that I have for now! I have a lot of things to do today and I need to get ready for the book club tomorrow! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Have a great Friday! 🙂

Why I Became Vegan

I have been wanting to write a post on why I became vegan for a long time. There isn’t one short answer, but more of a journey that I am still going through. People become vegan for many different reasons. Some do it for their health, others for the environment, and those who are animal rights activist. {Just to warn you, this post gets pretty personal}

I decided to stop eating meat the day after Thanksgiving 2006. I didn’t understand how I could be contributing harm to innocent beings. The following March I gave up all dairy products. I mainly gave up dairy products because I thought it would improve my health. I was never really a big cheese person to begin with! Milk was trickery, but there are so many wonderful plant milks out there! This was honestly the best decision of my life.

Ever since I was born, I have had acid reflux. I would spit up my formula and gaged while trying to be fed. My acid reflux got really bad in middle school. I was puking almost every night and wasn’t getting much sleep. The doctor said that it was just acid reflux and that was it. My problems continued for years. My junior year of high school, I finally went to see a specialist. It turns out that I had a hiatal hernia. In 2007, I had surgery to remove the hernia, which turned out to be the size of a baby’s head. I can’t believe that was in my stomach!!

Since I had become vegan about 9 months before my surgery, I noticed a great improvement in my health before I even had my surgery. I had lost about 50 pounds and the symptoms had almost disappeared. Before my operation my acid levels were the highest my doctor had ever seen. If I didn’t have surgery, I would have gotten cancer of the esophagus.  Scary!!

After removing the hernia, I felt better. But I know that if I hadn’t changed my diet, some of my symptoms would have returned. Looking back on my experience, what really bothers me is that no one talked to me about my diet while I was growing up. I think this is were some doctors are lacking. Nutrition is extremely important especially if you have stomach problems.

I do blame my diet growing up for a lot of my health problems. I ate meat at almost every meal, drank milk with my dinner and ate so much junk! The typical American diet. Changing to a vegan, plant based diet has greatly improved my health! No more stomach problems!!

To sum it up, I became vegan for health reasons. Along the way I have become aware of the environmental impact of factory farming, and the rights of animals is now one of my main concerns. Through my journey into veganism, I have become a better person. I have a more compassionate outlook on life and see the world differently. I am still on my journey to living a compassionate life and I hope that I am able to share my love for the animals with others.

If you are vegan, what made you become vegan? If you aren’t vegan, have you ever though about adopting a plant based diet?

PPK October Potluck

Yesterday was the Chicago PPKs monthly potluck. Each month we meet & have themed potluck. This month it was Halloween! We are a very small group, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying wonderful vegan food & company.

I had no idea what to make. I went with an autumn stuffing. It had Field Roast’s smoked apple sausage, dried cranberries, apples, walnuts, and spices. This went with Halloween, right?

Megan made a wonderful pumpkin fruit dip to go along with apples from the farmer’s market. This dip was scrumptious!

Nissa, our wonderful host, made a delicious stew. It went really well with the Halloween theme!

She also made cat shaped tortilla chips! So adorable! I dipped mine with the stew & it tasted amazing!

Dessert: fauxstess cupcakes made by Nissa. These looked & tasted amazing. Just look at the detail in the web! Perfect for Halloween!

All of the food tasted great & I had such a wonderful time at the PPK potluck. We won’t be having one in November due to schedules, but we are planning our next one for early December . The theme is going to be gingerbread houses & a cookie exchange. Can’t wait until December!

Spectating the Chicago Marathon

Last Sunday was bittersweet for me. I had the pleasure of cheering on Hector & Kristin, along with all the other runners, during the Chicago Marathon. I really wish that I could have been out there running with them, but my previous injury prevented that from happening. It was hard not to be a little jealous/envious. But I was so happy for them!!

We woke up at 5 AM on Sunday. Hector & Kristin had breakfast & than got ready for the race!! I think that I was more excited for the race than they where!

They left around 6 and than I got myself ready to spectate. I really should have had a better game plan because my plan didn’t go as well as it could have. I started off by being at mile 6.5 ish {Sheridan & Wellington} which was just short walk to my apartment. I got out there around 7:40 and it was cold!!! I could barely feel my toes. Kristin & Hector didn’t pass by until around 9:30 and they looked amazing!

After they passed I went to Broadway & Wellington to see them again!

I headed back to the apartment to grab a few things and headed to the halfway point. Well, I missed them. So I had to refigure out my plan. I took the red line to Chinatown. BIG MISTAKE!! It was so crowded. People were shoving and pushing there way to get a spot to see. I have anxiety in large crowds and had to leave. I wouldn’t have been able to see anyways. I decided just to go the finish line because I didn’t want to miss them again. Next time, I would go to mile 16-18 and than around 23. I think that this would have worked out much better.

I tried to look out for all the bloggers running, but didn’t see anyone! I think there was just too many runners to try and spot someone within the crowd.

They finished!!! I am so proud of them!! They pushed themselves and ran their first marathon! I couldn’t have been any happier for them. They were amazing!!

Watching the marathon has inspired me to push threw my training for the Walt Disney World Marathon this January! I can’t wait to call myself a marathoner. It will happen this January. I can guarantee that it will!!

New to Me {Granola &Yogurt}

For Veganmofo, I set out to try new to me things. I love granola. I tend not to buy it because I will eat the whole bag. There is just something about the nuttiness and sweetness that granola provides the taste buds. Granola is addicting. Enough said.

A while ago at Whole Foods I spotted a bag of Simply Suzanne’s granola. I had previously seen this granola, but never bought it even though it looked really good. When it was on sale, I picked up a bag of the So Very Cherry Granola. I no longer could resist granola that was sweetened with Michigan cherries!  What I loved about this product was that it was made in Michigan, my home state, and that it didn’t have preservatives. Only all natural ingredients where used to make it.


I had some of the granola with Wildwood’s unsweetened plain soy yogurt. My favorite thing about this yogurt is that it was unsweetened. I don’t like really sweet yogurt, especially if I am having it with granola. I also love that it has 10 grams of protein & 8 grams of fiber per serving!
I loved the granola with the yogurt. It was a nice snack. I can see myself having this after a run or for breakfast. I highly recommend trying Simply Suzanne’s granola. They are amazing!! I am looking forward to trying the other granolas!
*All thoughts are my own and I purchased these products on my own. If you would like me to do a review of your {vegan} product, email me at hungryveganrun@gmail.com

Chicago Marathon Weekend

First off, I want to congratulate all of the Chicago Marathon finishers. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! I am especially proud of my fiancee Hector & cousin Kristin for finishing their first marathon! In this post I will talk about the weekend in general and then another post on spectating the marathon.

Friday evening Hector and I headed to the expo from school. Since they had a free shuttle at the Hilton, which is right next to school, we took that to the expo at McCormick Place. I must say that we really enjoyed this free shuttle service! We got our packets & walked around a little bit. I still picked up mine even though I couldn’t run the marathon.

They had a video of the course at the front of the expo. Let’s just say that we both broke down. All this week I have been a little upset that I wasn’t even going to attempt to run the marathon. I think that I got all my emotions out watching it!

Saturday morning Hector and I went to pick up Kristin at the train station and we took the shuttle to the expo. Unlike Friday, we had to wait some time to get on the shuttle.

The expo was definitely more crowded Saturday than Friday. Kristin & I didn’t stay really long because it was just to crowded for us!

I got to meet Desi Davila. Highlight of my day. She is my favorite runner. I like to think that i can relate to her because we run on the same running path in Michigan when I am home. She runs for Hansons, which is the running shop where I get my shoes. Needless to say, she is my idol.

Kristin found her name of the wall of runners!

The expo was wonderful. So many get vendors & organizations. It was huge! I also now want to sign up for some races for 2013!

We got back on the shuttle & than took the el back to the apartment. Hector & Kristin didn’t want a really huge meal, so we headed to Dimo’s Pizza in Wrigleville.

Kristin got two slices & was stuffed.

Hector & I ordered two vegan pizzas. We waited a really long time for our pizzas & were given free slice cards. I went with the vegan monthly special: Pumpkin pie & Hector got the  lasagna pizza.

This pizza tasted like thanksgiving. My first bite transported me to thanksgiving. The pizza had pumpkin puree, pecans and Dandies. I haven’t really had Dandies on anything before, just a sample of one marshmallow at an event, and I was surprised at their flavor. Amazing. I need to cook with these at home!

Hector really enjoyed his lasagna pizza. Carbs on carbs. What more could you want.

It was a long day! Next post will be on spectating the marathon!

Again, Congrats to all the marathon finishers!!