Ceramics & Native Foods

Yesterday, I needed to work on my vessel for my ceramics class. This vessel has to be 12 inches high, have two handles and a foot. My is huge. Compared to everyone else’s in my class, mine looks massive. I am really enjoying making this pot. I find working with clay very therapeutic and calming. Maybe I found my future career, probably not. I still have to add the handles to it.

After Hector and I left school we went to the Target in the Loop and picket up a few cleaning supplies. After leaving the store, we were famished. Instead of heading home for dinner, we stopped at one of our favorites, Native Foods. I decided to get the Roasted Chile Taco Trio.  It was really good. Just enough to fill me up! The taco shells were filled with beans, rice, mangoes, and guacamole. Although I was tempted to get the oatmeal creme cookie, but I stopped myself. I do want to try that cookie sometime soon!

Hector got the classic ruben. I think that this is his favorite meal from Native Foods. He seriously gets it every time we go!

Today I will be heading back to school to finish my vessel. I am planning on going to the Chicago Marathon expo after probably around 5. I am so excited to check out all the vendors & see all the excitement for the marathon! I will also be going Saturday afternoon with my cousin Kristin who is arriving via Amtrak at 12!! I can’t wait! 🙂

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