Chicago Marathon Weekend

First off, I want to congratulate all of the Chicago Marathon finishers. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! I am especially proud of my fiancee Hector & cousin Kristin for finishing their first marathon! In this post I will talk about the weekend in general and then another post on spectating the marathon.

Friday evening Hector and I headed to the expo from school. Since they had a free shuttle at the Hilton, which is right next to school, we took that to the expo at McCormick Place. I must say that we really enjoyed this free shuttle service! We got our packets & walked around a little bit. I still picked up mine even though I couldn’t run the marathon.

They had a video of the course at the front of the expo. Let’s just say that we both broke down. All this week I have been a little upset that I wasn’t even going to attempt to run the marathon. I think that I got all my emotions out watching it!

Saturday morning Hector and I went to pick up Kristin at the train station and we took the shuttle to the expo. Unlike Friday, we had to wait some time to get on the shuttle.

The expo was definitely more crowded Saturday than Friday. Kristin & I didn’t stay really long because it was just to crowded for us!

I got to meet Desi Davila. Highlight of my day. She is my favorite runner. I like to think that i can relate to her because we run on the same running path in Michigan when I am home. She runs for Hansons, which is the running shop where I get my shoes. Needless to say, she is my idol.

Kristin found her name of the wall of runners!

The expo was wonderful. So many get vendors & organizations. It was huge! I also now want to sign up for some races for 2013!

We got back on the shuttle & than took the el back to the apartment. Hector & Kristin didn’t want a really huge meal, so we headed to Dimo’s Pizza in Wrigleville.

Kristin got two slices & was stuffed.

Hector & I ordered two vegan pizzas. We waited a really long time for our pizzas & were given free slice cards. I went with the vegan monthly special: Pumpkin pie & Hector got the  lasagna pizza.

This pizza tasted like thanksgiving. My first bite transported me to thanksgiving. The pizza had pumpkin puree, pecans and Dandies. I haven’t really had Dandies on anything before, just a sample of one marshmallow at an event, and I was surprised at their flavor. Amazing. I need to cook with these at home!

Hector really enjoyed his lasagna pizza. Carbs on carbs. What more could you want.

It was a long day! Next post will be on spectating the marathon!

Again, Congrats to all the marathon finishers!!

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