PPK October Potluck

Yesterday was the Chicago PPKs monthly potluck. Each month we meet & have themed potluck. This month it was Halloween! We are a very small group, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying wonderful vegan food & company.

I had no idea what to make. I went with an autumn stuffing. It had Field Roast’s smoked apple sausage, dried cranberries, apples, walnuts, and spices. This went with Halloween, right?

Megan made a wonderful pumpkin fruit dip to go along with apples from the farmer’s market. This dip was scrumptious!

Nissa, our wonderful host, made a delicious stew. It went really well with the Halloween theme!

She also made cat shaped tortilla chips! So adorable! I dipped mine with the stew & it tasted amazing!

Dessert: fauxstess cupcakes made by Nissa. These looked & tasted amazing. Just look at the detail in the web! Perfect for Halloween!

All of the food tasted great & I had such a wonderful time at the PPK potluck. We won’t be having one in November due to schedules, but we are planning our next one for early December . The theme is going to be gingerbread houses & a cookie exchange. Can’t wait until December!

5 thoughts on “PPK October Potluck

    • If you aren’t busy you should come to our next potluck! We really would love to have more people. I am not sure the date, but probably the second week of December!

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