Week 7 {Disney Marathon Training}

This weeks workouts went better than the previous training weeks. I haven’t been running much since September. This week my knee finally started to feel normal. It isn’t back to 100%, so I am still taking it easy! I don’t want to push myself too much & injury anything else.

Monday: Commute on my bike to & from school. 12 miles round trip. The way back I got soaked from the rain. Probably about 1 hour total.

Tuesday: 3.5 Miles in 38 minutes. 10:38 pace.

Wednesday: Commute on my bike to & from school. I really like to commute via my bike!

Thursday: Rest. I was planning on running in the afternoon, but my stomach was hurting all day. This remined me that I have to be careful what I eat while training for the marathon.

Friday: 4 miles in 44 minutes for a 11:05 pace. Took this run really easy.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: long run of the week. Ran 8 miles in 1 hour an 32 minutes for a 11:30 pace. I wanted to run around 11 miles, but I stopped at 8. It was really windy on the way back.  I am really happy with this run because I haven’t ran a long run since September.

Total miles running: 15.5

Total miles biking: 24

I hope that I am able to increase my milage without hurting myself! My goal for the rest of training is complete all the training runs. even though I am a little behind with my training, I feel that I can still run a successful marathon this January! I am really looking forward to increasing my miles! 🙂

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