Weekend Visitors

This past weekend our best friend couple, Angie & David, came to visit! We don’t get visitors very often, so I was really excited. Plus, I haven’t seen them since the summer. It had been too long.

Saturday we did some typical touristy things and went to Millennium Park. I feel that every tourist must see the bean. It was really crowded. For some reason I figured that it wouldn’t be crowded. What was I thinking!

After the park we headed over to the Cultural Center. This has to be one of my favorite buildings. I also love the fact that it is free and usually has some kind of art exhibition going on. I highly recommend going! The building is just beautiful.

After the Cultural Center, we went to the Water Tower Place. I think that everyone was shopping Saturday. I really hate crowds too. But we did go to Food Life to grab some lunch. I ended up just getting a juice: carrots, ginger & apple. It was amazing. I really need to incorporate more vegetable juices into my life.

It was such an amazing day! Sunday morning we headed to brunch at the Chicago Diner before they had to leave. Chicago Diner has to be one of my favorite restaurants and I can’t wait to go to the new location opening soon!

I got the Avocado tostadas. Amazing! I just love the quinoa with the beans and avocado.

Hector got a vegan cinnamon roll & sausage and gravy. It looked really good!

We had such an amazing time together. I just love spending time with friends. Next time we are heading to Grand Rapids to visit them! It won’t be until after Christmas, but I can’t wait! 🙂

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