Looking Forward…

Tonight Hector and I are heading to Michigan for Thanksgiving. I am excited to go back home since I haven’t been back since August. Truthfully I am really excited to see my two pugs Charlie & Tucker. Tucker is literally me in a dog form. Yes, I know that sounds weird but we are two alike.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day running errands. My parents & I might even make a stop to see Santa and have our photo taken. That should be fun. My family isn’t getting together for Thanksgiving. This is a first. So I am not quite sure what dinner will be. I just hope I can eat something. My parents aren’t vegan and don’t really know how to adapt the side dishes to be. I do know that I will not be cooking much. Next year I really want to do a big Thanksgiving spread where ever I will be living. We are going to my favorite restaurant: Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak on Friday. I am really looking forward to that!!

But I am super excited for the Detroit Turkey Trot!! Last year was my first time running it and I loved it! My plan is to run easy and enjoy it!! I did finally convince Hector to register last Saturday. He is doing it for the medal.

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time back at home. It should be really nice! 🙂

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