Looking Forward…

Tonight Hector and I are heading to Michigan for Thanksgiving. I am excited to go back home since I haven’t been back since August. Truthfully I am really excited to see my two pugs Charlie & Tucker. Tucker is literally me in a dog form. Yes, I know that sounds weird but we are two alike.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day running errands. My parents & I might even make a stop to see Santa and have our photo taken. That should be fun. My family isn’t getting together for Thanksgiving. This is a first. So I am not quite sure what dinner will be. I just hope I can eat something. My parents aren’t vegan and don’t really know how to adapt the side dishes to be. I do know that I will not be cooking much. Next year I really want to do a big Thanksgiving spread where ever I will be living. We are going to my favorite restaurant: Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak on Friday. I am really looking forward to that!!

But I am super excited for the Detroit Turkey Trot!! Last year was my first time running it and I loved it! My plan is to run easy and enjoy it!! I did finally convince Hector to register last Saturday. He is doing it for the medal.

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time back at home. It should be really nice! 🙂


Weekend Visitors

This past weekend our best friend couple, Angie & David, came to visit! We don’t get visitors very often, so I was really excited. Plus, I haven’t seen them since the summer. It had been too long.

Saturday we did some typical touristy things and went to Millennium Park. I feel that every tourist must see the bean. It was really crowded. For some reason I figured that it wouldn’t be crowded. What was I thinking!

After the park we headed over to the Cultural Center. This has to be one of my favorite buildings. I also love the fact that it is free and usually has some kind of art exhibition going on. I highly recommend going! The building is just beautiful.

After the Cultural Center, we went to the Water Tower Place. I think that everyone was shopping Saturday. I really hate crowds too. But we did go to Food Life to grab some lunch. I ended up just getting a juice: carrots, ginger & apple. It was amazing. I really need to incorporate more vegetable juices into my life.

It was such an amazing day! Sunday morning we headed to brunch at the Chicago Diner before they had to leave. Chicago Diner has to be one of my favorite restaurants and I can’t wait to go to the new location opening soon!

I got the Avocado tostadas. Amazing! I just love the quinoa with the beans and avocado.

Hector got a vegan cinnamon roll & sausage and gravy. It looked really good!

We had such an amazing time together. I just love spending time with friends. Next time we are heading to Grand Rapids to visit them! It won’t be until after Christmas, but I can’t wait! 🙂

Back to blogging….

Hey everyone! I hope that your summer is going great! I am personally ready for fall, which is my favorite season. 

I am less than 2 months away from running the Chicago Marathon!! I am so excited & scared at the same time. At the beginning of June, I wasn’t sure it I wanted to continue blogging about running. Well, I have now decided that I do want to blog about training for my first marathon. I want to document my ups & downs, the good and the bad. Training for a marathon isn’t easy, but it can be so rewarding. So, even if no one reads my blog, I will have a place where all my “running thoughts” will be kept! 

Overall, my training has been going okay. It is definitely a lot harder than I thought that it would be. In June I had a couple of injuries, which have now gone away. I am determined to finish the rest of the training strong!!

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile run scheduled & I am nervous!! Luckily I will be running it with Hector {the boyfriend} and we are determined to get through it! It will be our longest distance run so far!! 


I look forward to posting lots more about training & also some vegan food!! 

June Goals!

I really can’t believe that it is already June! I have decided that each month I want to write down some goals that I would like achieve for that month. At the end of each month, I will reflect on how successful I was in achieving each of them! It sounds easy enough! Let’s just see if I am up to the challenge!

Here are my goals for June:

1. Complete the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon. At this point, I will be happy finishing this race! I don’t feel that I have trained enough for this tough course, but I just don’t want to give up during the race!

2. PR the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon. I really think that with a little more training this month that I will be able to PR! My PR for the half marathon currently is 2:20 and I really think that I can get a faster time. Since this race is three weeks after this Sunday’s half, I feel that I have enough time to train for a PR!

3. Stick to the Chicago Marathon training plan. I want to make sure that I complete each of my training runs unless something really important comes up. This past week I have been looking at what training plan will work best & came up my own schedule that I think will work. (I will do a post on this soon!)

4. Loose around 6-8 pounds. I think that this is a reasonable amount to lose within a month! I also believe that taking off a couple of pounds will improve me running.

5. Create at least 2 new recipes. I really want to develop and create my own recipes and hope that I have the creative spark this month to do so! I will post the recipes here of course!

Well, those are my 5 goals for June! I have a feeling this is going to be a great month! 🙂

In denial…

Hey everyone!

These past few months, I have been in denial, or at least I think that I have been. Certain foods really upset my stomach, mostly foods that have a high amount of gluten in them, like  French bread. Some gluten foods don’t upset my stomach, but it seems more and more that I am having a lot of stomach issues. I have had a problem with acid reflux since I was little & even had to have a hernia removed a couple of years ago. I have been noticing that I also have been having more stomach issues while I am running. Is this a gluten sensitivity? I don’t know.

Now, I’m in denial because I don’t want to give up gluten. I have tried, but I give up. It seems like it is too much work trying to figure out what I can & can’t eat. Maybe I am just not willing to give it the time. My current solution to this problem is to slowly eliminate gluten from my diet. I don’t think that I can cut it out right now, especially since I am visiting my parents & I barely have any food options in the house. I think that if I cut out process foods from my diet that will also help. So, my plan will be to slowly cut out gluten & processed foods from my diet. It won’t be too easy, but I think that I can do it!!

It’s time to stop living in denial!!

Catching up from last week!

Last week just flew by! I have really been enjoying my time with my parents & family!

I have really been enjoying my time home. Tuesday, like I previously mentioned, my parents & I went to the Henry Ford Museum to see the Titanic Exhibit. My Dad is fascinated by anything Titanic. We have seen a Titanic Exhibit before, I think it was when I was in high school. Overall it was a good exhibition. It wasn’t crowded at all. Just a few people here and there. I can’t imagine going when it is even a little bit crowded. You really wouldn’t be able to see anything. Before we entered we were given a passenger. I was a first class woman who was coming back from holiday and a shopping trip. Oh, what the life that must have been! At the end, you found out if your person survived or died. Mine happily survived. Part of the exhibition we had seen before, but some things were new. Overall, it is worth seeing if you are near the Dearborn area.

For my workouts last week, I ran with my cousin Kristin for our training runs for the Dexter-Ann Arbor half! It was a lot of fun running with her! We were suppose to fit in a long run of 9 miles according to our plan, but we just managed 7.5. We really need to get running some more long runs! The half marathon is now less then 3 weeks away! I am getting really anxious for it!

Yesterday, for Mother’s day, my whole family got together at my Grandma’s house and did a lot of clean-up around her yard. It got really hot out!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Somehow wordpress or my computer is doing something that isn’t allowing me to post them!

Happy Monday!

Back home!

Yesterday before I made my way back to Michigan via Amtrak, I went for a short morning run. After Sunday’s race, I realized that I need to really concentrate on my training for the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half in less than 4 weeks! I feel really under prepared for it, especially when it ends uphill! I ended up running 3 miles and it felt great! The weather was beautiful and I was able to get my “running groove” back!

I finished getting ready & headed to Native Foods for lunch. Leaving for one month, left me with no food in the apartment! I am trying to eat healthier, so I ended up ordering the Ensalada Azteca Salad, one of my favorites! I also ordered a cup of soup for dinner on the train!

The train was actually on time!! I can’t believe that I will back home for one whole month! I am really looking forward to spending time with my family. Today is my Dad’s 50th Birthday and we are celebrating by going to the Henry Ford Museum to the Titanic Exhibition. (I will report back on how it is!)

While I am home, I am looking forward to exploring new areas to run. I am looking for some hills to run! It really feels good to be back home with my parents & pugs: Tucker & Charlie. I hope to post some Michigan inspired posts this month!