Detroit Turkey Trot 5k Recap

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a pretty low key one but my highlight was running a turkey trot.

I have been looking forward to the Detroit Turkey Trot for months. I had so much fun last year & figured this year would be the same. One of my favorite things about this race is that it really is a fun run. You see lots of families running together and I love that. This year there was a lot of chaos.

I left my house at 4:30 and was meeting Hector at his house who was driving. I wanted to make sure that we had enough time to park and get our bibs & shirts without having to rush. We parked by Joe Louis around 6 AM. We beat the traffic! We walked to Cobo Hall got our stuff without any problems.

After getting settled I tried to find a bathroom. The line for one was too long, but I was able to walk to the other side and there was no line! We headed over to the start line and then all chaos started. Our wave was suppose to start at 7:45 and the other side had another wave that was suppose to start at 8:00.

We started off good, but when the two waves meet we all came to a stop. There was a gridlock of runners. You couldn’t move. After we got moving again there was another traffic jam at the turn around point. There was a lot of dogging runners and walkers throughout the whole race.

I had planned on running the 10k, but Hector was just doing the 5k and I really wanted to run and finish with him. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to pr the 10k, so I changed to the 5k just to finish with him! It was about having fun.

After mile 2 Hector and I really pushed it! We thought that we might be able to get a decent time. This was until we reached the finish line where there was a block of people. We were not able to run across the finish line. Instead we had to wait and slowly crossed the finish line.

After crossing the finish we couldn’t move. They were handing out the medals but I think this was the cause of the backup at the finish. I was just happy to get a medal because they ran out!

I didn’t wear my garmin and I should have so I have a more accurate account especially since I had to stop and wait before crossing that finish line. My official time was 34:51. I haven’t ran a 5k in almost 3 years and really would’ve like to have a more accurate time, but I do plan on running a 5k on New Year’s Day.

With a record of 23,000 runners the Detroit Turkey Trot became the largest in the country. I think next year having a better corral system and breaking up the runners by paces will help eliminate the congestion issues. I also think that it is important to remember that for a lot of people this race is purely for fun and not setting PRs. Overall it was a fun race and I would run it again, but from reading the comments on their facebook page, I don’t think some people will be back.

Did you run a Thanksgiving Day race?


Looking Forward…

Tonight Hector and I are heading to Michigan for Thanksgiving. I am excited to go back home since I haven’t been back since August. Truthfully I am really excited to see my two pugs Charlie & Tucker. Tucker is literally me in a dog form. Yes, I know that sounds weird but we are two alike.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day running errands. My parents & I might even make a stop to see Santa and have our photo taken. That should be fun. My family isn’t getting together for Thanksgiving. This is a first. So I am not quite sure what dinner will be. I just hope I can eat something. My parents aren’t vegan and don’t really know how to adapt the side dishes to be. I do know that I will not be cooking much. Next year I really want to do a big Thanksgiving spread where ever I will be living. We are going to my favorite restaurant: Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak on Friday. I am really looking forward to that!!

But I am super excited for the Detroit Turkey Trot!! Last year was my first time running it and I loved it! My plan is to run easy and enjoy it!! I did finally convince Hector to register last Saturday. He is doing it for the medal.

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time back at home. It should be really nice! 🙂

Turkey-Less Roast {Holiday Eats}

Earlier this week while I was at Trader Joes, I spotted a vegan turkey roast. It was located in the refrigerated section by the real turkeys and veggies. It was $9.99 and I normally wouldn’t spend that much on one item, but I really wanted to try it. They always get me with new vegan products. I just want to try every vegan product that I see!!

I knew that I wanted to try this roast well before Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, it is time to figure out what to make! So, last night I tried it for dinner. On the side of the box there is directions for a holiday roast. Basically you cut up some veggies coat with olive oil and salt & pepper. Place the roast on top and bake in the oven. Simple. Anyone can make this.

One hour later the roast was done. It came with gravy and you just heat the up on the stove.

Overall, I thought that the roast was pretty good. It was simple and easy to make. I normally do not eat processed “meats” like this, but every once in awhile it is a nice treat. It kind of tasted like Gardein, but not sure if it is. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you like to eat Gardein, Tofurky, etc. I eat them only a couple times a year, so this really was a treat. Hector said that he could eat it everyday. I am not sure if I will be having this for my Thanksgiving dinner, but it is a good backup option for me.

It would be great if you had vegetarian/vegan guests coming to your Thanksgiving and have no idea what to make. Just put it in the oven and your done! Your vegan guests would greatly appreciate the effort!

Have you tried a vegetarian roast before? Do you have a favorite roast?

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend our best friend couple, Angie & David, came to visit! We don’t get visitors very often, so I was really excited. Plus, I haven’t seen them since the summer. It had been too long.

Saturday we did some typical touristy things and went to Millennium Park. I feel that every tourist must see the bean. It was really crowded. For some reason I figured that it wouldn’t be crowded. What was I thinking!

After the park we headed over to the Cultural Center. This has to be one of my favorite buildings. I also love the fact that it is free and usually has some kind of art exhibition going on. I highly recommend going! The building is just beautiful.

After the Cultural Center, we went to the Water Tower Place. I think that everyone was shopping Saturday. I really hate crowds too. But we did go to Food Life to grab some lunch. I ended up just getting a juice: carrots, ginger & apple. It was amazing. I really need to incorporate more vegetable juices into my life.

It was such an amazing day! Sunday morning we headed to brunch at the Chicago Diner before they had to leave. Chicago Diner has to be one of my favorite restaurants and I can’t wait to go to the new location opening soon!

I got the Avocado tostadas. Amazing! I just love the quinoa with the beans and avocado.

Hector got a vegan cinnamon roll & sausage and gravy. It looked really good!

We had such an amazing time together. I just love spending time with friends. Next time we are heading to Grand Rapids to visit them! It won’t be until after Christmas, but I can’t wait! 🙂

Quesadilla La Reyna del Sur

Yesterday was not only the first day of November, it was also Happy World Vegan Day! To celebrate, Hector and I went to Quesidilla La Reyna Del Sur for lunch. We have been wanting to try this restaurant for months, but we have always wanted to go on a Saturday and they are not open on Saturdays. I was excited that we were finally going to try it!

It is located in the Bucktown/Logan Square neighborhood. We drove and we were able to park right in front! I hate having to worry about parking.

We sat down and we were brought chips and salsa right away.  The menu had a good selection of tacos, tortas, and quesadillas. There was also a great selection of fresh juices. I was tempted to get one, but I decided not to. I did notice that there was a lot of soy items on the menu.

Hector ordered two barbacoa tacos. Apparently the flavor is suppose to be like lamb. Hector enjoyed them, however, there wasn’t much salt. I think that is a good think though.

 I went with the xochimilco taco. It had soy steak, mushrooms and cactus. I think I went with the xochimilco taco because it reminded me of the time I went there when I was in Mexico. {If you are ever in Mexico, I highly recommend that you go!}

We also ordered two tamales. Now, we wanted normal tamales that were not in the banana leaves. Well, we were brought tamales that had been steamed in to banana leaves. I opted not to eat mine. I love tamales, but these just didn’t appeal to me. Hector ate them, but said that they needed more flavor.

Overall it was a pretty good lunch. Next time I wouldn’t get the tamales, but something else. It is worth going back to.  I really like that there are so many vegetarian options here in Chicago.

Do you have a favorite vegeatarian/vegan restaurant in Chicago?

Week 7 {Disney Marathon Training}

This weeks workouts went better than the previous training weeks. I haven’t been running much since September. This week my knee finally started to feel normal. It isn’t back to 100%, so I am still taking it easy! I don’t want to push myself too much & injury anything else.

Monday: Commute on my bike to & from school. 12 miles round trip. The way back I got soaked from the rain. Probably about 1 hour total.

Tuesday: 3.5 Miles in 38 minutes. 10:38 pace.

Wednesday: Commute on my bike to & from school. I really like to commute via my bike!

Thursday: Rest. I was planning on running in the afternoon, but my stomach was hurting all day. This remined me that I have to be careful what I eat while training for the marathon.

Friday: 4 miles in 44 minutes for a 11:05 pace. Took this run really easy.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: long run of the week. Ran 8 miles in 1 hour an 32 minutes for a 11:30 pace. I wanted to run around 11 miles, but I stopped at 8. It was really windy on the way back.  I am really happy with this run because I haven’t ran a long run since September.

Total miles running: 15.5

Total miles biking: 24

I hope that I am able to increase my milage without hurting myself! My goal for the rest of training is complete all the training runs. even though I am a little behind with my training, I feel that I can still run a successful marathon this January! I am really looking forward to increasing my miles! 🙂


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted here recently because I got really busy with school & officially started wedding planning!! Wedding planning is going to be a lot of work! {Will post soon about the location!!} Hint: It’s going to be a destination wedding!!

I just wanted talk about some things that have happened recently & that are coming up!!

This week I received my tester copy of Vegan Eats World! I will write a whole post dedicated to this wonderful book! I highly recommend it!

I also received a copy of American Vegan Kitchen that I won over at Kim Cooks Veg 4U. I love getting new cookbooks!! 🙂

A few weeks ago I officially registered for the Detroit Turkey Trot 10k. I really want to try and PR. I love that they are having a medal for the race! It will be nice to visit my family for Thanksgiving, although I don’t even think we are having a Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family. Not quite sure what is going on with that.

My knee is finally feeling better! I can finally run with no pain. This is great news because I am in the middle of training for the Disney World Marathon! I can’t wait to tackle the rest of training.

My next race coming up is Chicago’s Perfect 10. I am not sure what my plan is going to be for that race! This race should be fun, at least I hope so!

Those are all the updates that I have for now! I have a lot of things to do today and I need to get ready for the book club tomorrow! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Have a great Friday! 🙂