Vegan Gingerbread House Party

After decorating cookies Saturday afternoon, I headed back to the apartment to pick up Hector who just got home from school. We headed to Megan’s for our December Post Punk Kitchen {ppk} potluck. This month we decided to make vegan gingerbread houses. The kit that you can buy isn’t vegan but Megan made the cookies for the houses and figured out how to hold the pieces together!

Before we got too much sugar into our system, we had a lentil cauliflower soup that Megan made. It was really delicious. A perfect way to start the evening.

Lentil Soup

We all brought cookies to share with each other. All of them were really yummy!

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

chocolate crinkles

biscotti Megan warned us that once the sugar was heated, we had to act fast and start building. Nissa & Hector tried really hard to figure out their game plan! {Hector & I shared a house, which was pretty comical}

getting read to buildWhile we waited to start, we enjoyed some So Delicious Nog.

so delicious nogOnce Hector, Megan & Nissa began making the houses, I could not stop laughing. I will blame that from the sugar, but it was so much fun to witness the making of these houses.

construction begins!


will it stand up?

DSC_0289We had to get some string reinforcement to hold the houses together. It worked!

string reinforcementNissa’s dog, Oliver, wanted some sugar! He is too cute!

Oliver!We finally finished building the houses and decorated them. They turned out really unique!

Our house may have some flaws, like a hole in the roof, but we just incorporated that into the house as a skylight. The additional awning really adds a nice touch to the house.

our house!Megan’s house was amazing. The best part would have to be the boarded up windows!

Megan's HouseNissa’s house lives in a different neighborhood. It is well taken care of and color coordinated. Just look at that roof!

Nissa's HouseI really had so much fun Saturday! I am really for more holiday related things! 🙂

Have your every built a gingerbread house before?


Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

This past Saturday was filled with lots of holiday activities. In the morning I finished baking cookies to bring to the Chicago Healthy Living Blogger’s Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. I haven’t decorated cookies in a very long time & I was really looking forward to it!

Bethany graciously hosted the cookie decorating at her apartment. She had a table set up with lots of cookies and decorating supplies. It was very festive!

Decorating SuppliesI made two gluten-free vegan cookies from Manifest Vegan. The Russian Tea Cakes turned out yummy. I also made the candy cane cookies but didn’t shape them into candy canes. I was just happy that they held together without falling apart. I thought that gluten-free baking was going to be intimidating, but it wasn’t so bad!

russian tea cakes

It was so much decorating cookies! This definitely jump started my holiday spirit!

decorating cookies

time to decorate!

cookiesAfter decorating cookies, I went to a gingerbread house making party. That was a lot  of fun & tomorrow’s post will showcase my wonderful house making skills! 😉

Do you decorate cookies for the holidays? What is your favorite Christmas {holiday} cookie?