Friday Things

I can’t believe that it is already Friday! I hope that everyone is having a great week! I have had a pretty normal week, but a couple of exciting things to report!

This week was my last week of classes for the semester! I am glad to be done and next semester I only have one class, my thesis! I can’t wait to graduate in May. It has been a long time coming!

I made two cakes for Hector’s advanced typography class this Wednesday. I love to bake for others & this was a fun project to do! His group had designed a logo for this idea of growth & decay. They came up with a bunch of different projects that related to growth & decay. It was very artistic! I baked the cakes & made the frosting, but he did the cut-outs and frosting. Everyone in the class said that it was great & asked if I was a pro. I will take that compliment for sure! 😉

logo for growth & decay

Last night for dinner I made roasted acorn squash & black bean enchiladas. I also made homemade green tomatillo sauce to go on top! I used my favorite tortillas, El Milagro. I have been able to find them at my Whole Foods on some days and always at the local Mexican grocery store & also they are at my Target. After having fresh tortillas from the local tortilleria in Mexico, these are the next best things! They turned out really yummy!

thursday's dinner

The Disney World Marathon program is now available! This marathon is getting really close & I am both scared due to my lack of being properly trained, but I am also getting super excited just to have fun!! Plus, we are spending a week in the parks! I love Disney World. Plus, I get to spend time with my parents.

best family photo ever.

Speaking of my parents, they are coming this Sunday!! They are staying downtown & I might be staying with them. I’m not quite sure yet. I expect that we will be doing some very touristy things. I will be heading back to Michigan with them next Wednesday. I will miss Chicago because I won’t be back until after Disney.

Have a great weekend everybody! 🙂


What am I thinking?!

I will be running the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon next January!! I think I am a little crazy. I haven’t even completed my first marathon, which will be the Chicago Marathon in October, and I have already decided to run a second one! What am I thinking?!?!

Registration doesn’t officially open to the public until April 10th, but right now you can register if you are a Disney Visa Card holder, which I am. Also, I saved $15 dollars off the cost.
I really enjoyed running the Disney Half Marathon this year and I really wished that I had ran the full marathon. The half and the full are the same price, so in my eyes you are getting more for your money if you run the marathon because you get to run through all the parks. I even contemplated  doing the Goofy Challenge, which is where you run the half and the full marathon. Now that would have been really crazy!
I am really excited for this race!! I look forward to all the training that I am going to have to do this year!