Some Good & Bad News

Hey everyone! I have some good and not so good news to share with you!

Let’s start with the good. I have been wanting to start a food/travel blog for a few years. I finally bought my own domain name: It is still a work in progress, but I am really excited to share it with you! This is my passion in life and I am looking forward to pursing it! I will mostly be posting here from now on!

Some bad news is about my running. I haven’t been running a lot for one big reason: my hip hurts really bad. It has hurt since June, but the pain comes and goes. I was born with hip dysplasia and was treated with triple diapers. {Apparently I was really cranky with all those diapers!} I haven’t had any pain since I was a baby until last year when I really starting upping my running milage. I finally went to go see an orthopedic yesterday and he basically told me that I shouldn’t be running if it is painful, which right now it is. I also have raw cartilage on my knee and will never get any cartilage back. {Scary!} I do have a shallow hip socket, which is the dysplasia. I can do an MRI and see if I have a fracture. I just don’t like the idea of a needle going into my hip bone. So I am not sure if I will get that done just yet.

He said that I can’t do any weight baring activities like squats, lunges, etc. The best thing for me to do is pool jogging and the elliptical. I need to build my strength back up and then start running and see how I feel. I also should only ride my bike in moderation. I guess that I will have to join a gym! I just need to focus on being healthy right now and not worrying about complete any races.

What does this all mean? I am going to build my strength back up and them try running a low amount of miles later on this year. I am taking action now because I don’t want to really injury my hips later on in life and have to get a hip replacement. I am suppose to be running the Disney Marathon Sunday. Well, I know that I can’t finish it. Being a marathon runner just isn’t meant to be, at least for the time being. I might start that race, but I don’t know yet. I really wanted to do this race, but it just isn’t meant to be. I am trying not to think too much about it right now. {Tears were shed last night.}

This is really frustrating, but I am trying to be grateful for what I do have and that I can walk and overall my legs are not in that bad of shape.

I will still post here and update you on anything running/exercise related. I will mostly be posting over at

For those that live in Chicago, do have any inexpensive gym recommendations? Have you had an MRI before & how was it?



Detroit Turkey Trot 5k Recap

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a pretty low key one but my highlight was running a turkey trot.

I have been looking forward to the Detroit Turkey Trot for months. I had so much fun last year & figured this year would be the same. One of my favorite things about this race is that it really is a fun run. You see lots of families running together and I love that. This year there was a lot of chaos.

I left my house at 4:30 and was meeting Hector at his house who was driving. I wanted to make sure that we had enough time to park and get our bibs & shirts without having to rush. We parked by Joe Louis around 6 AM. We beat the traffic! We walked to Cobo Hall got our stuff without any problems.

After getting settled I tried to find a bathroom. The line for one was too long, but I was able to walk to the other side and there was no line! We headed over to the start line and then all chaos started. Our wave was suppose to start at 7:45 and the other side had another wave that was suppose to start at 8:00.

We started off good, but when the two waves meet we all came to a stop. There was a gridlock of runners. You couldn’t move. After we got moving again there was another traffic jam at the turn around point. There was a lot of dogging runners and walkers throughout the whole race.

I had planned on running the 10k, but Hector was just doing the 5k and I really wanted to run and finish with him. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to pr the 10k, so I changed to the 5k just to finish with him! It was about having fun.

After mile 2 Hector and I really pushed it! We thought that we might be able to get a decent time. This was until we reached the finish line where there was a block of people. We were not able to run across the finish line. Instead we had to wait and slowly crossed the finish line.

After crossing the finish we couldn’t move. They were handing out the medals but I think this was the cause of the backup at the finish. I was just happy to get a medal because they ran out!

I didn’t wear my garmin and I should have so I have a more accurate account especially since I had to stop and wait before crossing that finish line. My official time was 34:51. I haven’t ran a 5k in almost 3 years and really would’ve like to have a more accurate time, but I do plan on running a 5k on New Year’s Day.

With a record of 23,000 runners the Detroit Turkey Trot became the largest in the country. I think next year having a better corral system and breaking up the runners by paces will help eliminate the congestion issues. I also think that it is important to remember that for a lot of people this race is purely for fun and not setting PRs. Overall it was a fun race and I would run it again, but from reading the comments on their facebook page, I don’t think some people will be back.

Did you run a Thanksgiving Day race?

Spectating the Chicago Marathon

Last Sunday was bittersweet for me. I had the pleasure of cheering on Hector & Kristin, along with all the other runners, during the Chicago Marathon. I really wish that I could have been out there running with them, but my previous injury prevented that from happening. It was hard not to be a little jealous/envious. But I was so happy for them!!

We woke up at 5 AM on Sunday. Hector & Kristin had breakfast & than got ready for the race!! I think that I was more excited for the race than they where!

They left around 6 and than I got myself ready to spectate. I really should have had a better game plan because my plan didn’t go as well as it could have. I started off by being at mile 6.5 ish {Sheridan & Wellington} which was just short walk to my apartment. I got out there around 7:40 and it was cold!!! I could barely feel my toes. Kristin & Hector didn’t pass by until around 9:30 and they looked amazing!

After they passed I went to Broadway & Wellington to see them again!

I headed back to the apartment to grab a few things and headed to the halfway point. Well, I missed them. So I had to refigure out my plan. I took the red line to Chinatown. BIG MISTAKE!! It was so crowded. People were shoving and pushing there way to get a spot to see. I have anxiety in large crowds and had to leave. I wouldn’t have been able to see anyways. I decided just to go the finish line because I didn’t want to miss them again. Next time, I would go to mile 16-18 and than around 23. I think that this would have worked out much better.

I tried to look out for all the bloggers running, but didn’t see anyone! I think there was just too many runners to try and spot someone within the crowd.

They finished!!! I am so proud of them!! They pushed themselves and ran their first marathon! I couldn’t have been any happier for them. They were amazing!!

Watching the marathon has inspired me to push threw my training for the Walt Disney World Marathon this January! I can’t wait to call myself a marathoner. It will happen this January. I can guarantee that it will!!

Fall Races

I love fall. It is by far my favorite season for running. I am hoping that my love of fall will help with my marathon training.  Training for the Disney World Marathon is my main focus for the rest of the year, but I really want to run some “fun holiday theme” races.

I already signed up for Chicago’s Perfect 10 on 11/10. I think that I got a good deal for registering early.

Last year I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k, but I won’t be running it this year. It is just too expensive.

Last year I ran the Detroit Turkey Trot 10k and that was a lot of fun. I am not sure if I am going back to Michigan for Thanksgiving yet, but if I go back I will run this race for sure! Plus, this year thy are giving medals for the race to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!


Me & Hector at last year’s Turkey Trot

I am also looking a fun race with a Christmas theme, but not 100% sure about that! Maybe the Santa Hustle on 12/01. It looks fun!

There are so many races out there!

Do you have a holiday race that you run every year?

Tough Decision…

It is time for me to be honest. My training for the Chicago Marathon has been horrible. When I came back to Chicago from my month long visit  to Michigan in June, everything went downhill as far as running went. My first run back in Chicago, I tripped on the lakefront path and hurt my knees pretty bad. I was unable to even walk without limping for two weeks. Slowly I started to feel like I could run again, but it was painful. Long runs just didn’t happen. There is no way I could run long distance being in that much pain.

The aftermath of my fall. It took over a month just for my skin to heal.

On a long run of only 8 miles probably sometime in July, my hip was hurting and I could no longer run. This was a major set back. When everyone was doing long runs of 13, 16, 18 miles, I couldn’t run longer than 10 miles without being in pain. This was a major set back in my marathon training.

Lately my running has been better. I ran the CRIM 10 Miler without any pains & this past Sunday, the Chicago Half Marathon pain free. But the marathon is in less than 4 weeks! I should be running 20 miles this weekend. I don’t even think that is possible. I have missed crucial training runs. My longest run has just been over 13 miles. I am very undertrained.

The past couple of weeks I have been deciding what to do about the marathon. Should I try and at least start the marathon and risk getting injured. I know that if I start, I will most likely want to finish, but I don’t know how that will be even possible. I wanted to run the Chicago Marathon so bad, but I just don’t think that it is in the cards for me. I need to decide asap. I think that the most logical thing for me to do is not to run.

On the other hand, I am registered for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January. I am so excited for this race!!! Do you think that I should just forget about Chicago and focus my training to Disney. My training plan of 18 weeks would start next week for the Disney Marathon. I would be able to rebuild the base needed for the longer runs, which I don’t have right now.

I need advice. What should I do? Do I attempt Chicago Marathon or just refocus my energy and training for the Disney Marathon?

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

Chicago Half Marathon Recap

Sunday, I ran my 5th half marathon of the year!! I still can’t believe it. Everything that probably could go wrong Sunday morning  did.  I had set my alarm for 4 AM and somehow missed it. I am one deep sleeper and apparently Hector did not hear it either. So at 5:22 AM I woke up in a panic. We had decided previously that we were going to ride our bikes to the race.  MISTAKE! The starting location of the race was 13 miles south of our apartment. I am so glad that I got everything ready for the race the night before. We quickly grabbed all of our things and rushed out the door. I pedaled as fast as I could. I hate being rushed.

Finally at 6:40, we arrived to the Museum of Science and Industry. We then had to find the bike parking lot. We got to our corral 2 minutes before the race started. Seriously going from the bike to running was an experience. My legs were like jello. My body went into shock. Hector and I both had to go to the bathroom  which probably added 6 minutes to our time, but at that point it didn’t really matter.

I wanted to quit so badly. I didn’t think my body was going to make it. At mile 3 it felt like I had ran 10 miles already. I knew that I needed to push myself to finish. Finally around mile 7, I felt like I had a groove going. I knew that if I made it to the turnaround point, I would be able to finish.

I was so happy to be done! I wonder if my time would have been faster without biking it there, probably. But this was an experience. Maybe if I can get over my fears of swimming in open waters, I can do a triathlon. Maybe. The worse part was the we had to ride back in  strong winds. That was tough.

Overall, I loved the race. Running on Lake Shore Drive was amazing. The crowd support was awesome. The weather was PERFECT.



Once we got back to the apartment and showered we went to the Chicago Diner for our post-race meal. It was so good!

I ordered the radical ruben with sweet potato fries. Yum!

He seems too exhausted to even eat!

Finally, I get to have my vegan shake! 😉

After the race, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Chicago Marathon. I will do another post soon, but I am deciding whether or not to run it. I am really undertrained due to an injury from June/July. More on that later.

Have a great day!


It feels like I haven’t posted in forever! The month of June wasn’t very good for running. I got really frustrated with my injuries and I just wanted to run when I couldn’t. I am almost fully recovered, but still not quite back to normal. This is taking forever, but at least I am able to run again!

I know that everyone has been talking about the weather and how HOT it has been. I have had to skip a few runs because I felt extremely sick. But I am slowly getting use to the heat.

It seems like I am hungry all the time and I don’t want to cook. As soon as the stove comes on the apt gets so hot! I can’t stand it. So I am on the look out for some vegan recipes that don’t need to be cooked! Since I was so hungry last night, well more like 5, Hector {the bf} and I headed to Vegetarian Express in Lakeview. It is super close to us and fairly inexpensive. Whenever we have nothing to eat and don’t want to spend a lot of money going out to eat, we go there. Plus, they have really awesome juices.

I got the sweet potato burger which is pretty simple and good. The fries are not mine. Hector wanted some fries, so I ordered them with my meal.

Hector ordered tamales. 3 of them to be exact! I think that he was starving!

This meal really hit the spot! After we ate we want to Marshall’s but didn’t buy anything. I think we mainly just want to be in some cold air.

This morning I knew that I wanted to attempt a run, but knew that 10 miles wasn’t in the works for me. So I ran 4. Tomorrow I will attempt the 10 miles and I am really looking forward to some cooler weather.

I am also figuring out what I want to do with this blog. I want to post more often, but not sure what to include on the blog. Just trying to figure things out. Now, I need to make sure I go to bed early. I want to be running bright and early tomorrow morning! 🙂